Hi! My name is Ivan.

I am currently a software engineer on the Marketplace Trust & Safety team at Thumbtack where I am primarily developing in Typescript, PHP, and Go. I strive to be a humble engineer who is always willing to both learn and mentor.

Education: Computer Science @ University of California, Irvine

Hobbies: Photography, Film, Rock climbing, Walking, Board Games, Video Games

Contact: I can be reached at (415) 816-6519 or by email at


Coding Experience

My coursework in university has provided me a substantial set of programming experiences and helped me build a solid foundation of programming principles, mainly in Python and C++. Along the way, I have developed a strong object-oriented background and an interest for the full-stack web development field.



Growing up, I loved creating digital content for my friends and family and dreamt of becoming a professional filmmaker. As the years passed, I surprisingly ended up spending more time in the photography scene. I hope to one day start a side hustle as a freelance photographer while making short films for fun.