SpotTheTrack is an online round-based multiplayer game where each round, players in the same game room compete with each other to guess the name of the song that is currently playing.


A full-stack MERN web app with token based authentication that has served as an easy platform for a group of 30 friends to keep up with each other's prayer requests.

Ethic Score (Sponsored Project)

An embedded Shopify application that features a composite scoring system for products and brands found on Ethic Marketplace that allows users to identify how well each product aligns with their values.


LampLytics is a prototype of a personal desk assistant system that utilizes data from multiple sensors in order to automatically turn on a lamp and fan with just the right amount of power in order to create a comfortable desk environment.


An Amazon Alexa skill that uses NextBus API to return a voice output of prediction times for any given San Francisco Muni bus, stop, and direction.

Feel free to try it on your own Alexa!

Smart Door

With the emergence of Edge Computing in IoT, SmartDoor is a proof of concept project of an automated attendance tracker that also acts as a personalized security system. This project uses Raspberry Pis to simulate use case.

ICS Search Engine

A search engine built from the ground up using web pages scraped from UC Irvine's Information and Computer Science's (ICS) domain. It is capable of handling tens of thousands of documents, under harsh operational constriants and having a query response time under 300ms.